About Me!

Hello I’m Tiago Carita, and this is one of my sites/brands.

I had the need to reinvent myself after the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic started in March 2020, and I started an online store after all my ongoing work suddenly disappeared. All my prototyping machines where idle and I needed to re-start.

I started on Etsy and found my place in this changing world with the creation of material for painting and with good  friends in need of new tools, and their help, I designed, cut and shipped them the first prototypes. After I got their feedback and suggestions, then went back to the drawing table until I had my first product able to be put Online.

But what have I done in the past?

I was born in 1975 in Lisbon, Portugal, where I still live. I initially went to Military School and then attended Pure Mathematics in FCT-UNL from 1995 until 1997, when a huge  motorcycle accident changed the course of my life, leaving me mangled for life, both physically and psychologically.

Moving forward I studied Information Technology from 2003 till 2006  and then started my own tech company , BluesharkStudios. Through the years I founded and  worked as a partner in several companies all tied to technology, software development, 3d, animation, interactivity and more recently, Robotics and Mobility.

Through these companies, I participated in several interesting projects, from which I can  highlight a few:

 - Lead Design and Development of Cristiano Ronaldo Underworld Football game for Mobile Phones, which was a hit in Portugal and Japan during early 2008.
 - Worked with ATARI, DSI/CSI developing two cards for Gameboy Advanced.
 - Lead Designer of the Bluetooth-based multiplayer hack´n’slash Lex Ferrum™ and Undercover 2: Merc Wars™, a ground-breaking mobile MMOG for YDreams, Orange and Vodafone, Lead Designer for MS4 Spooks: Mobile, For BBC, UK.
 - Lead Designer and 3D Art Director of several multiplatform games at Gameinvest SA

I’m active in all my fields and was invited as a speaker at several Portuguese Universities, workshops on game design theory and creation which included on “how to create a game and technicalities”, “the 2D/3D world of  game and animation”, and “virtual augmented reality”.

I also won several Awards: 6th place IBM DaVincy (1990); as a lead game designer and lead 3D artist, The Cube at Vodafone Headquarters got the Gold Award at the 2004 edition of IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Awards) and I also produced the animation “Daydream Chronicles” for Gameinvest that was awarded the First Prize in Digital Animation on the Zon Prémio (2011)

I’m always interested in sharing the knowledge I acquired over the years and as such, I have taken the role of teacher and trainer.

Of those experiences I can highlight the following:

 - Teacher of Game Design on the “Master in Game Development” organized by the APROJE in Lisbon in 2008.
 - Course coordinator and Teacher of Game Design, Level Design, at Restart School and Teacher of Game Design at World Academy SA.
 - Co-Author on the paper “3D environments as social learning tools: the VIRTU@LIS experience” presented at SIGGRAPH 2005 at Los Angeles.

More recently I took the role as a Technical Director for a Mobility/Robotics/Automobile start-up and  also extended my education with several certificates I'm highlighting next:

 - Professional Certificate in Electric Cars from Delft University of Technology in Netherlands
 - Professional Certificate In Drones and Autonomous Systems from Delft University of Technology in Netherlands

But NOW my main drive is the love to create and build things, especially if they help or solve someone’s problems anywhere in the world.

I’m skilled in many of the “dark arts” of digital and physical creation, capable of designing planar and three dimensional objects and structures, and make them real through laser cutting, cnc, turning, 3d printing, welding, bending, grinding and ultimately hammering to the correct form..

I’m skilled in many software for 3D and Design. I’m an avid user of Photoshop and Illustrator, Lightwave, 3D Studio Max, Blender, Keyshot, Autocad, Inventor, Premier, After effects, Unity 3D, Unreal, and many programming skills which include C++, C# and many others.

I’m a proud father of two incredible children and spend a lot of time observing them evolving.

Welcome to my humble shop. Drop me a line if you need anything!